The WxDATACASTER is a cost-effective solution to display severe weather watches and warnings, current conditions, and forecast data. The system is also capable of displaying an automated, 24/7 weather subchannel.


Key Features

  • Current Conditions, Forecast for any zip code 
  • Assign sponsor graphic to each city included in display
  • Complete control of fonts, size and colors
  • Daypart forecast feature
  • Display in crawl or hot-change
  • Animated Background and logos
  • User-defined display speed with multiple transitions

Subchannel Weather

  • L-Bar or Full Screen Feature for automated 24/7 weather channel
  • Up to 7 Day forecast
  • Include relative humidity, sky, precipitation, wind speed, wind direction, high, low
  • Display automated headlines simultaneously
  • Sponsor Graphic Rotation

Weather Alerts

  • Automated alerts from National Weather Service
  • User-defined sound file can be played preceding crawl
  • Display satellite, sky, and shaded watch/warn counties
  • User sets number of times weather alert displays, and frequency
  • Display user-defined text preceding and exiting weather alert
  • Display Watch/warn graphic, location, and expiration time

Newschief Weather Data

  • Internet-delivered, and based on a one year contract
  • Forecast Data,5-7 Day, Current Conditions, High, Low, Humidity, Wind, Barometric Pressure, Sky, Dew Point
  • NWS Alerts, Watches, Warnings, and Advisories.