Mercury Prime is a self-contained HD ticker system that combines the latest character generator technology with ticker and data mining software. Centralizing all ticker and branding needs into one turnkey solution – combined with local collection tools and automated data feed service – broadcasters can fully automate much of the day to day, labor-intensive news gathering for on-air display.


  • Local, National news headlines

  • School closings

  • Election Returns

  • Weather forecasts, conditions and alerts

  • Sports tickers and stats

  • Stocks of local interest

  • Traffic Travel Times, Speed, Incident Reports

  • EAS

  • Text To Speech, FCC Part 79 Compliance with custom Lexicon

  • Lottery results

  • Famous Birthdays

  • Snypes

  • Time and Temp

  • Information Channels

  • L-Bar Weather

  • Serial and GPI automation plus a browser interface

  • Full control of graphic element layering

  • Optional DVE

HEADLINES -Local and Automated CONTENT Feeds

  • Up to Three Independent News Crawls

  • Browser-based input of local headlines

  • Automated national feeds available

  • Complete control of speed, positioning, colors

  • Animated background and sponsor graphics

  • EAS Feature


  • Automatic Race build feature

  • Collects race results from the Associated Press FTP Wire, SOE

  • Manual point and click race entry feature

  • Information can be displayed in a lower-third ticker, or simultaneous full-screen output to separate CG

  • Results can be sorted and presented on website by State, County, District, Candidate, or custom setting

  • Winner can be automatically declared by the software

  • Automated website update

  • Monitor multiple race results through up to the minute desktop app


  • Web Automation, collects closings using an secure encrypted process.

  • Phone Automation, option to collect closings using touch-tone commands, works in conjunction with Web Automation.

  • Browser Control, gives your staff the ability to close an organization, add a new organization to the system, and provides staff with up-to-the-minute closings.

  • Website, outputs scores to your website automatically, HTML, XML, RSS options

  • SMS, Emails: integrates with leading SMS messaging aggregators

WEATHER Forecast, Conditions and Alerts

  • Current Conditions, displays current conditions, High, Low, Wind, Sky, Barometric Pressure, Dew Point, Humidity.

  • Forecasts, display up to a 7 day forecast or daypart forecast, including L-Bar Weather Channel.

  • Watches, Warnings & Advisories, severe watches, warnings and advisories from the National Weather Service.

  • Weather Maps, including Satellite, Radar, Watch/Warn

Sports Scores -High School Scores and National Sports

  • High School Sports, simple drop-down box selection method to input high school scores from a browser

  • National Scores, through automated feed, display NBA, NFL, NCAA sports, MLB, Hockey, Golf, Auto Racing, World Cup, and Olympics.

  • Website, outputs scores to your website automatically, HTML, XML, RSS options


  • Weather alerts, School Closings, Urgent News, EAS and more

  • Translates and voices audio output in multiple languages

  • Multi-channel

  • Phonetic pronunciation Lexicon editor with text lookup and voice preview

  • Prioritized playback queues with tones and voiced prompts

  • XML with CSS transformation, Database (native, ODBC), text

  • GPI, file change triggers

  • Serial interface to TFT and Sage EAS devices

  • 7-day event logging

  • 48K, 16 bit, stereo with volume controls

  • Tones and optional message on Main and SAP channel

  • All other TTS messages only on SAP channel

Stocks of Local Interest

  • Stocks of Local Interest – Set the typeface, font properties, and color of the navigation links.

  • Indices – End Of Day Indices, including Dow, Nasdaq, S&P 500

  • Top Movers – Top Gainers, Losers and Volume

SNYPES - Fly-in Animations

  • Fly In Animations– Display fly-in animation, choosing X, Y, and Z order

  • Time & Temperature – Display Time, and Temperature along with graphic

  • Count-Down Clock – Incorporate a count down clock with an upcoming event.

  • User-defined Text– animate text with your snypes, input daily through a our browser-based CMS.


  • Jackpots and Draw dates -Automated lottery results including game, jackpot and next draw date


  • Video Input/Output SD/HD 480i/720p/1080i

  • HDMI Monitoring Output

  • Blackburst Input: 720p/1080i/Tri-Level Sync in and HD/SD format

  • 3D-DVE

  • Passes all Ancillary Data (Audio/Close Captioning)

  • AES Embedded Audio

  • GPI (8 inputs, 8 outputs)

  • 2 Rackmounted server, Windows 10 Professional, 16 GB Ram, dual-power, professional-grade nVidia 4 GB graphics board, solid state drives

  • 2 RU, rackmounted server, Windows 10 Professional for content management/publishing